Shipping & Handling

Q: I have placed my order. What next?
A: Sit back and relax!

Once your order is confirmed, you will be notified for the following:

  1. Information Received: We have received your Shipping Details and Process of packaging has started at the warehouse close to you (Within 24 Hours)
  2. In Transit: Product Shipped from warehouse (Within 72-96 Hours)
  3. Out For Delivery: Product Shipped to Destination country
  4. Delivered: Product Delivered

Email us at should you experience any support!

Q: What is the estimated delivery time?
A:  The estimated delivery time is calculated in business days which exclude Sundays and holidays. We ship out from multiple international warehouses.  It depends on your location and product. Some products may require some handcrafting work in advance. This may cause some delay to shipping by a few days.

In rare cases, the actual delivery time may vary from the mentioned delivery time due to:

  1. Your Location
  2. Availability of the product and current stock
  3. Some unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, natural disasters or political interludes

In such cases, we take the responsibility of keeping you informed about the expected delivery time or the unavailability of the product via Email.

Q: Does my estimated delivery time depend on my location?
A: Yes, it does! We do FREE shipping to 185 countries and are trying to expand to others.

United States:

Depending on the warehouse, demand and current stock, it usually takes 12-24 Business Days, until you’ll receive your order.

Outside the United States:

Your parcel has to travel around the entire globe. We are trying to expand and open new warehouses.

Please refer to estimated delivery time section.

For European countries, we would like to state that we are GDPR compliant. 

We apologize for any inconveniences that may occur, such as remote location delivery, product out of stock, natural calamity or political interludes.

Should you have any questions regarding delivery to your location, kindly Email us at and we will double check on shipping.


Q: Ordered more than 1 item, why did I receive 1?

A: When you order multiple items at a time some are shipped separately. You may receive one item before the next. This helps to reduce the time of waiting, So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once. We will get them to you!